top 10 DIY bathroom renovation mistakes

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When it comes to bathroom renovations, many home owners make the decision to renovate their bathroom themselves rather than hire a professional. After all, there's a tutorial for just about everything at your fingertips nowadays and if the people on The Block can do it - why can't you? Unfortunately what many home owners fail to recognise is the detail and precision that must go into a bathroom renovation so that it doesn't end up costing you even more money in repairs further on down the track. So without further ado, here are the top 10 DIY bathroom renovation mistakes we see at Aussie Home Renovations.

When most home owners renovate their bathroom, they have a rough idea of what they want and how they're going to accomplish it - but very rarely do they sit down and plan the entire process step by step. This may sound like a tedious and time consuming task, but when you consider the fact that your bathroom is used multiple times on a daily basis - it's extremely important to ensure that you are optimising your available space and considering functionality as well as style.

Windows are the most common and easiest way to ventilate your bathroom and prevent mould growth - but what most DIY renovators fail to consider is that if you don't have the space for a window, you need to find an alternative. If you can't have a window in your bathroom, a ventilation fain is a must-have to stop mould.

Many first time renovators get caught up in the design and aesthetic of the room that practicality and optimising space is put on the back burner. The number one sign of a well designed bathroom is a happy marriage of style, practicality and functionality. Considering all of these factors equally while you are planning your bathroom renovation will also save you money in the long run as you won't need to move things around.

Although you may think a bathroom with just a shower looks classy and elegant, if you decide to sell your home further on down the track or are renovating your bathroom because you're about to sell your home, you are severely limiting your buyer pool. A family with young children won't be interested in a home without a bath tub. So unless you are only interested in selling to people with an inherent hatred for bath tubs, we suggest you leave it in - instead choosing a bath that matches the aesthetic of the room.

To most people, lighting is just an afterthought - but without proper lighting, you can throw off the whole feel of the space. If you design a beautiful, airy, light space, you need the lighting to match. You should also consider that poor lighting can make applying makeup, shaving or plucking a pain.

When renovating your bathroom - or any room for that matter - it's important that you pick a theme and stick to it. You should also consider keeping your theme the same throughout your home so the rooms flow properly. Many DIY renovators get so carried away purchasing new fittings, fixtures and furniture that they don't consider if the piece matches the overall aesthetic of the room they are trying to create and their bathroom ends up an off mismatch of different styles.

If there is one thing you absolutely must consult with an expert about, it's your waterproofing. Your bathroom is the dampest area of your home and proper waterproofing prevents mould and water damage - both very expensive issues to resolve.

Whether you only have a few products or the inside of your bathroom looks like a Sephora, proper bathroom storage is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing your bathroom. Think shower shelves, medicine cabinets, vanity cabinets and drawers and maybe even a linen cupboard if you have the space.

Make sure you do your research or consult with an expert to ensure all your renovations meet Australian Standards and Regulations. When you're doing a DIY renovation it can be tempting to cut corners and go with the cheaper finishes and fixtures but you will more than likely just end up with more problems down the track.

If your home was built before 1984, you should be fully prepared for the very likely possibility that you will have to deal with asbestos. The Australian Government asbestos safety website strongly recommends against DIY asbestos removal. Instead, you should employ the services of a fully licensed asbestos removalist. If you live in ACT, DIY asbestos removal is illegal.

Are you guilt of any of the above DIY bathroom renovation mistakes? Want an expert opinion? Get in touch with the team at Aussie Home Renovations today for a free quote and consultation with one of our Sydney bathroom renovation experts.