how to make a small bathroom look bigger

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When it comes to bathrooms, space tends to get taken up pretty quickly. By the time you add in your sink and vanity, storage, and a shower or bath, your remaining space can start to feel a little cramped. So, how do you maximise your space to make it seem larger than it actually is? Not to worry, in this post we'll go over a few simple tips and tricks that will make your bathroom seem like it's doubled in size!

Lighting, particularly natural lighting, will open up any space - making it seem lighter, brighter and improving the overall mood of your bathroom. Natural lighting can be easily achieved through windows and skylights but you should always incorporate an effective lighting scheme inside your bathroom for the days when natural light isn't an option. Ceiling lights, backlit mirrors and wall sconces work together to brighten up the room without taking up too much space. In short, aim for a bright room with minimal shadowing to really open up your space.

The key to implementing a colour scheme that will make your bathroom appear vast and spacious is to avoid darker colours and instead use pastels, neutrals and cooler tones. Another tip is to pick one colour - white for example - and paint both the walls and the ceiling in this colour, creating a clean and seamless visual effect. Contrary to popular belief, neutral tones doesn't mean your bathroom has to be boring. Think stone, tile and fabric accents and add pops of colour with accessories and towels.

Want to add a bit more character to your bathroom? Keep your neutral colour palette but instead of paint, try floor to ceiling tiles. If your bathroom is only partially tiled, match the paint on the walls to the colour of the tiles for a seamless transition that is pleasant to the eye and tricks it into seeing a larger space.

With some strategic placement and clever patterns, you can easily make your narrow bathroom look wider or your oddly shaped bathroom look more smooth and seamless. For narrow bathrooms, use shelving or other decoration to draw the eye to the largest horizontal areas in the room. You can also use horizontal floor and wall tiles to make it look like the walls are being pushed apart - tricking the eye into seeing a room that is less cramped and more spacious.

When it comes to maximising the space in your bathroom, there's one easy rule you must follow - less is more. Choose fixtures that match your needs. Instead of having a separate tub and shower, combine them. Or if you know you aren't someone who enjoys or has the time for a soak in the bath - skip it altogether. Similarly, if you live on your own and don't require heaps of storage space, opt for a smaller vanity. Another point to consider is choosing the right door for your shower. Instead of adding a divider to the room with a curtain, try a floor to ceiling glass shower screen that slides instead of swings. It will help create the desired seamless effect and make the room appear taller. Additionally, large mirrors add a feeling of luxury and when positioned so it reflects a window, can make your space appear doubled in size.

As we all know, clutter will automatically make any space look tiny. With so many space-saving options available today, you'll be able to find bathroom storage that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and easily tucked away to save space and give the room visual depth.

At Aussie Bathroom Renovations, our design team can work with you to make your small bathroom double in size whilst delivering functional storage and a beautiful, high quality finish that will be the envy of your friends and family. For modern bathroom design at a budget friendly price, talk to Aussie Bathroom Renovations today and get your free quote.