bathroom renovations questions: to bath or not to bath?

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Baths used to be a foundational element of the bathroom. After all, the clue is in the name here. However, times have moved on and these days it’s common for homeowners to get rid of their bath completely. Let’s explore this choice in more depth and determine whether it could be the right option for your renovation project.

First, let’s think about whether doing without a bath is a suitable choice for a family. If you have younger children, it’s probably not the best idea. Without a bath, your only option will be to wash the kids in the shower. It’s going to be difficult to do this without getting wet yourself, particularly if you’re little ones still need help. Once they get older, you can probably skip the bath and let them have a shower. However, while they still need a helping hand, a bath will make things far more convenient. Just make sure that you get a mat for the tub to ensure it’s less slippery.

Another key point to think about is water usage. Baths use a lot of water and more so than the typical shower. Indeed, a vintage bath will use around 300 L of water. More modern varieties use less than this and will take up to 280L. This is a huge waste of water, regardless of how relaxing it is to have a long hot soak. In contrast, a shower uses between 10-12L of water per minute. So, if you have a ten-minute shower, then you’ll be using far less later in general. That said, some people love spending more time in the shower and find it as equally as relaxing as taking a bath. It also depends on your shower head because larger heads are always going to use more water. If it feels like you’re standing on a waterfall when getting ready in the morning, you’re probably going to notice it more when you check your water bill.

Since we mentioned relaxation, it’s worth mentioning that there’s nothing quite like having a long soak in the tub. You can feel your troubles melt away and spend a good hour - with the occasional top-up of hot water - enjoying a soak until your skin feels and looks like a prune. Of course, not everyone enjoys sitting in the bath for more than thirty minutes. If you’re only using your bath for a quick soak or a wash, then you can probably get the same impact from a shower.

There’s also the aesthetic element to consider. Some people feel as though a bathroom looks odd without a bath to take up some space. It’s true, bathrooms without a bath can seem empty and bare. However, this is nothing more than a style and decor issue. There are lots of things that you can do to ensure that your bathroom looks incredible even if you don’t have a bath. Indeed, once you get rid of the bath, you’ll have an opportunity to explore different design options.

Add a statement wall behind your mirrors and vanity to break up the space, provide a dramatic eye-catching feature and add a touch of personality to your bathroom. Your statement wall can be a single colour like a dramatic matte black or blush pastel, or you can even showcase a unique pattern or art!

Potentially, according to polls, having a bath may add 2% to the value of the home. That said, it’s always going to depend on the preferences of the individual buyer. Lots of people these days don’t see any reason to have a bath because their lives are so hectic they don’t have time for a long soak. Come across a buyer like this and you could find that they end up paying more, particularly if you can offer their preferred alternative.

The alternative once you remove the bath would be a large luxury shower space. Once the bath is gone you can have a shower big enough for two with an incredible shower head that provides a heavenly bathing experience. However, again it’s all down to personal preferences. Is the morning shower the best bathe of the day or do you prefer a long, hot, soak in your tub? The choice is up to you.
We hope this helps you decide whether no bath could be the right option for your new bathroom renovation.