Seven Tips For Designing Your New Bathroom

Planning on remodelling your bathroom? This can be a daunting project with so many options and design ideas on offer. Before you begin selecting and purchasing your fixtures, consider your budget for the entire project as all the bits and pieces quickly add up. Also you should allow a little extra in your budget for unexpected repairs or mishaps.


Choose a design which matches the era of your home or your intentions for the house including other renovations. If you are renovating your home to sell, choose neutral tones and colours which will appeal to a wider audience of buyers. It is a good idea to spend time collecting ideas for your bathroom. Visit some showrooms or peruse some design magazines to help you choose your style.


Planning your layout. Professional designers will never situate the toilet so it is visible from the doorway. Bathroom doors are often left open and the toilet is the least aesthetically pleasing article in the house. You don’t want to detract from the fresh clean atmosphere of your beautiful remodel. Consider the practicality of your layout. Is there enough counter space and storage space? Is there a practical space to fix a toilet roll holder and towel rails? Most importantly, have a good understanding of appropriate bathroom dimensions. Knowing the key measurements of shower, bath tub, vanity and toilet space will help you plan your remodel more effectively.


Lighting in your bathroom is a very important aspect which needs to be carefully considered. Bright white lighting is ideal for illuminating our everyday grooming activities as it increases the visibility of our skin tone and mimics natural daylight. Decorative lighting such as pendant lights or chandeliers can be used to add ambience to your bathroom but be sure to include practical LED or incandescent bulbs.


If you have a little extra in your budget to include a statement piece, ensure it suits the theme of your bathroom. A claw foot bath, although timeless and classic, may not suit a modern minimalistic bathroom design. A feature wall, decorative tile or tile border can add terrific character to a new bathroom but be sure the colours and textures are not going to clash with your other fixtures and features. If your bathroom is small, a large sized mirror can give off the illusion of more space.


Flooring selection. Bathroom flooring must be long-lasting and easy to clean. Wooden flooring looks amazing but can be prone to water damage so may not be the best option for your bathroom floor. Vinyl flooring, stone or ceramic tiles are more practical options. Bold and contrasting patterns can also be used on your bathroom floor as a focal point or statement.


Bathroom window treatments are a necessity for adding softness and privacy to your bathroom design. High set windows, window film and glass blocks incorporate natural light and privacy by obscuring any view from onlookers. You may even choose a combination of shutters for natural light and roller blinds for privacy. Whatever option you are considering, take practicality and flexibility into account as this room will be used everyday.


Decorating your bathroom. Choose a few matching accessories which won’t clutter your new space. If you chose neutral colours for your bathroom, bright coloured or patterned towels will lift the space adding softness and detail. Some greenery such as a pot plant or vase of flowers will add freshness, life and colour. It is important not to clutter your counter space with bottles and cosmetics as this can look untidy. Consider some built in storage or neat organisational pieces for your cabinets.