Must Have Features Of A Shower Installation

Installing a new shower? With so many beautiful and modern options to choose from, this can seem like quite a huge task to take on. Just to help you on your way, here are some must have tips and features to help you create your dream bathroom. It may also help if you check out some bathroom supplier show rooms and look at some of the latest design magazines for ideas.


Deluxe shower heads are a must have feature for your new shower installation. To choose the best shower head to suit your needs, consider who in your family will be using the bathroom and how often. Hand held shower heads add convenience and practicality to your new shower design. Multi function and massage shower heads come in fixed wall and hand held varieties. With just the flick of a wrist you can adjust your shower to a rain fall setting, a massage setting or a high pressure jet setting. A luxurious shower head can be like having your own private massage parlour right in your own home but still practical enough for every day use.


Rainfall shower heads can be an attractive and relaxing feature for your new shower. They generally have lower water pressure compared to standard shower heads but do include the luxury of wide water coverage. If you are thinking about installing a rainfall shower head, perhaps consider installing an additional hand held or high pressure fixed shower Head.


Adding a recessed shower shelf or niche to your design eliminates the need for ugly shower caddies plus you will no longer have to balance your shampoo bottles on top of your shower screen. Recessed shower shelving can optimise limited space and include an attractive easily accessible storage area to your bathroom.


Built in and portable shower benches add comfort, space and a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Incorporating a bench seat into your shower will add sophistication and highly functional style to your shower. Benches can also be wall mounted and will give you an ideal place to display your bathroom décor, not to mention the addition of clever built in storage.


A shower wet room is a terrifically spacious option for your bathroom which is sure to add value to your home. Not only do you have no shower screens to keep clean but the open space will create a very luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom.


Adding music and media features to your bathroom is very luxurious and in vogue with the latest technology trends. Anything as simple as a waterproof blue tooth shower speaker or something as high tech as the latest entertainment system can be incorporated into your bathroom. Check out your local Hi-Fi store for the latest in waterproof speakers and televisions.


If you live in a cold climate area under floor heating and towel warmers will enhance and add immense lavishness to your daily showering experience. Under floor heating can be installed as a hydronic system or electric system. Electric systems are more simple, cheaper and easier to install but hydronic systems running costs compare cheaper in the long run. If under floor heating is out of your price range, a heated towel rail could be an excellent compromise. A heated towel rail will dry your towels and have them toasty warm and ready for you after your shower. They come in many different styles and accommodate both low and high end budgets.

Some jobs are best left to the experts as this in most cases will save you  head aches and money.

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